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2014 SpringYard Tour

Come join the tour with the “Agriscaping guy”, Justin Rohner and The Utopian Harvest Tasting Table at the home of Agriscaping Technologies on Cloudburst Court. This popular event has grown over the last four years and with the inclusion of the community Tasting Table, it’s sure to grow even more. Feel free to bring something to add and share with others! This open-air residential research and training facility is nestled in the heart of Power Ranch. This is where Justin and his research and development team test new varieties of plants, techniques, harvesting and other Agriscaping methods. Come find out how we transformed this 1/3 acre conventional, HOA regulated back yard (grass bushes and trees) Into our very own Elegant Edible Garden of Eden: (Small Teaser Below)

And that was back in 2010! A LOT has grown since then… including my kids! :)

Here’s what the video might have missed:

    • More than 4,800 s.f. of elegant growing beds
    • 40+ Fruit Trees
    • Edible Flowers
    • Herbs
    • Grapes
    • 6+ varieties of berries (blue, black, Goji, and more!)
    • +75 Gallon-per day Recycled Greywater System
    • Passive Rainwater Harvesting Process
    • Fully Automated Back-up Watering System
    • A 14-hen “Chicken Hotel”
    • Formal Raised Beds
    • Micro-Greenhouse
    • Nearly-Elegant, In-view Composting System :)
    • Indoor/Outdoor Seed starting system
    • Subterranean Shade-Garden (Under my TRAMP!)
    • HD Garden Layout
    • 6-Intentional Micro-Climate Zones (Newly Improved)
    • Indoor Tilapia Aquaponic system
    • Rabbits
    • Quail
    • Worm composting system

+ much more…

It’s a true work-in-progress so, not only will Justin and his team be able to show you exactly what they created and how they did it, he’ll be able to show you what’s in the works.

Admission is $20

Add a friend or three for just $10 each

Space is limited for each tour, please register early to be guaranteed a spot!


 What People Are Saying…

The tour was awesome and much more than I expected. Justin and his wife were gracious hosts and everyone had a great time. ~Tricia

I enjoyed Justin’s Urban Farm Tour very much, it was informative and entertaining! The potluck was fun too…loads of great goodies to munch on… ~Chris

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