Frog Nog – a Delicious Green Smoothie

“Frog Nog… YUM!”

This recipe is a Rohner Family favorite!

All the main ingredients are ripe the entire winter and the recipe itself is not only an amazingly powerful cold-buster, it’s also a great revitalizer and natural energy booster.

A favorite drink just before soccer games, yard-work, and just about anything requiring energy.



Just Blend and Mix-in


2 qt Orange Juice (fresh-squeezed is best)

1-2 Bananas

1 Handful Fresh Spinach

1 Handful Fresh Parsley

1 Avocado (optional)



Pour 2 cups OJ into blender with remaining ingredients.

Blend to desired texture.

Pour mixture into 1 gallon container with remaining OJ and stir.

Serve cold.

“So Dad, this is how you get us to eat the vegetables that we don’t normally like…”~Mason

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