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Keep Your Garden Simple yet Satisfying…

At we love to make your gardening life easier so you can spend more time enjoying your gardens rather than slaving away at them! So, in service to maximizing the productive potential of your landscape with the least amount of effort we bring you the Agriscaping Garden Planner!

This planner is included in your Agriscaping Membership

All these features are available when you log in to your Garden Planner account:

  • Growing information: one-click growing details of each plant; sun position, etc.
  • Number of Plants: Clearly shown by the number at the top of each plant square
  • Personalized Planting Calendar: Custom Calendar for planing & harvesting.
  • Schedules Adapt to YOUR Climate! Includes special plant choices for your area.
  • Reminder Emails: Have emails sent to you for planting reminders (optional)
  • Easy Crop Rotation: System remembers crops & advises where to plant next year
  • Succession Planting: See which crops best follow others for improved production.
  • Add Notes: Like a garden journal, you can add notes on how each plant/variety did
  • Intuitive Use: Like software you already know with features such as copy and paste
  • Tutorial Videos: Quick videos show how to get the most out of the software

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